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Statement Of Purpose Sample
MBA Statement Of Purpose - View Now

Learn more about Statement of Purpose for MBA and get admitted to the school of your dreams.

An MBA statement of purpose is part of your MBA application for admission and it is very important that you ensure it is written correctly. Including and explaining your career goals and work experience is something that admissions will look for. Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that you are thorough when you write the work experience essay.

There are many places you can find a MBA Statement of Purpose Sample. This MBA Statement of Purpose Sample will show you helpful tips and serve as a guide to ensure that you include everything you should and that you follow the general guidelines for making a good MBA statement. Here is a MBA Statement of Purpose Sample outline.

You should start by defining your career goals. It is smart to set clear goals. You want to be able to show the path you have taken so far to reach those goals and what you will do in the future to finally reach the goals. Your work experience should match up with your goals. You want to show you are working in the industry because it can be difficult to show how working in a non-related industry will go along with your goals. A straight and clear route to your goals is much better and more accepted. You need to show you are consistent towards reaching your goals and that you are fumbling around, still trying to define them.

You will need to draw parallels between something that seems unrelated to your goals. The idea is to show how everything you have done has worked towards helping you reach those goals. Your short term goals should be directory related to your long term goals. You should show that your long term goals are an extension of your short term goals.

After you have clearly defined and explained your goals you will move onto the next part. You have shown why you need to get a MBA to reach your goals. You have already explained how your goals and the program fit together. Now, you will need to explain why you need to go to this school.

This part gets away from your personal experience a little. You should make sure you really do understand why you want to go to this school. You have to focus in on why this is the only school for you and why you can to possibly reach your goals by attending another school. Avoid the temptation to talk about how great the school is and how bad other schools are. Instead focus in on what makes this MBA program stand out. Prove to the school what they already know - that their school is the best place to get a MBA.

This essay is very important because it tells in your own words what you want to do. Other parts of the application may just show what you have done, but the essay helps to relate everything together. It will bring together your accomplishments with your goals and paint a clear picture about why you should be admitted into the MBA program at this school.

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